Truth is...

the probability of your guard being there when the action is going down is ZIP, ZERO & NADDA!

Guard Replacement Solutions

If you have a static guard, then you need to talk to us. seedigital is THE Australasian leader in replacing security guards. seedigital’s solution reacts to real events rather than false alarms. For a fraction of the cost, the vast majority of the tasks guards complete are easy to do remotely using seedigital’s interactive video monitoring services. 

This word comes to mind - proactive

Do you have static guard patrols or a fulltime guard?

Do you pay a monthly fee to have a Guard come to site and complete a lockdown and general check of your property? Maybe you have a fulltime guard at your gate? 

Let's cut to the chase about what is so wrong with this state of affairs! The bottom-line is this; the probability that a guard is there when the intrusion event is occurring is infinitesimally low. Even if the guard is onsite, engagement with the intruder is usually discouraged due to OSH and HS&E implications. This allows intruders to escape.

Static patrols or fulltime guards are an expensive sense of security, not a solution that works when you need it to. 

Compare this with seedigital. We see real intrusion events and arrange a response. Our solution protects you proactively.

Saves you money!

Not only does seedigital deliver a step change in security outcomes, we can also save you money. In particular, fulltime guard replacement projects usually deliver around a 50% reduction in ongoing guard costs. As a general rule, payback across the entire project cost is approximately 12 months.

Everywhere at once

seedigital’s solutions are deployed over large industrial sites through to small critical areas within a site. You can either protect your entire perimeter, or have seedigital create a virtual perimeter within your site around key assets or stock. Whatever approach you choose, seedigital can see & respond to events across your entire site at the same time.

Compare this with a Guard who can only be in one place at once.

How does seedigital compare to a guard?