Have your camera system tell you when something is amiss

Customised Video Analytics Solutions

Having weeks of video recordings of events in your business is helpful to a degree. Apart from the hours investment required to find evidence when events occur, there is a particular downside to simply recording.

Often events happen in your business without your knowledge. Whether they are Theft, Health & Safety breaches or simply failure to follow procedures, The process of discovery of these events is often a fluke. Further, they can be occurring for sometime before discovery, making the damage significant.

Would it not be better to find out before it is too late?

What if your camera system could ‘tell’ you an event of interest had occurred? What if for example you wanted to know if a person left through a door they shouldn’t, and was also carrying something? Or perhaps a vehicle was driving around your site in the opposite direction to your preferred traffic flow? What would it mean to be proactively informed if an employee failed to complete a vital part of a process?

seedigital's customised analytics solutions make your camera system intelligent. By harnessing the power of computer vision, seedigital can highlight events of interest through out the day, not only afterhours.

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