Due to the sensitivity around security arrangements, most customers do not want us to disclose our tailored solutions publically. That said, we need to brag, surely? So here goes - a little list of recent and not-so-recent projects

Meat Production

Meat manufacturing

seedigital deployed an extensive security solution at a new, high innovative value-added meat processing & packaging business in Auckland.

This solution included a video-integrated electronic access control with fingerprint readers, integration with gates, turnstiles, boot washers & barrier arms. A large CCTV system was deployed along with sophisticated intrusion detection.

Dairy Industry

Dairy industry

Instead of 2 guards at the gate, seedigital deployed gates with automatic number plate recognition, intrusion detection over a 1.4km fenced perimeter, hundreds of CCTV cameras with audio response and a site wide video-integrated access control & intrusion detection system resulting in stellar 50% year-on-year OPEX savings.

Alcohol Industry

Alcohol bottling

seedigital has been a trusted provider of Remote Video Monitoring for this provider since 2008. Recently, the Customer has stood up a 45,000 pallet warehouse in Auckland.

The system includes the latest QR code readers on the doors, well in excess of 100 CCTV cameras covering yard & warehouse spaces and a remote video monitored yard area.

Logistics Industry

Logistics - case study

seedigital has a deep relationship with one of NZ’s leading logistics providers. Their sites include video integrated access control, ANPR, Cloud recorded CCTV cameras and extensive intrusion detection systems. They also have seeo taking care of H&S practice with a view to keeping their people safe.


Everyone needs someone to talk to about stuff that matters to them... when it comes to protecting what matters, seedigital listens. If you have security-related issues in your business and don't want to increase your mortgage to solve them, book a demo with an electronic security expert.

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