Let’s declare the obvious conflict of interest upfront before we start. We run a company that specialises in replacing security guards with clever electronic alternatives. There, said it. Of course we are biased, but we also think we are right!

These are 5 good reasons why your current spend on security guards is a waste of your good money, in no particular order:

1. Security Guards are expensive

Whether your guard responds to alarm callouts only, does proactive patrols or is stationed 24/7 at your gate, guards are expensive. At best, they provide you with a ‘sense of security’ and an extra pair of hands to complete routine tasks. They DO NOT proactively protect you (unless they have the dumb luck of being Johnny on the spot, just as ‘Joe the Burglar’ is jumping your fence)

seedigital’s offerings are not only superior in outcomes but can often save you serious money.

2. Security guards can only be in one place at a time

While the guard is completing an internal task e.g. checking to see if the heaters are off, what is happening to the rest of the site security? Many sites are large, and it is impossible for a guard to be across the whole area at the same time. Why rely on good luck to catch or interrupt an intruder?

3. Security guards won’t stop a crime, they will only observe

With H&S laws as they are, there is no way a guard company owner will ask an employee to put themselves in harm’s way. So that means they are only witnesses to the crime. There will be no mad dash chasing a bad guy down the road, trying to get that widget that has been stolen back in your arms. That may be the stuff of Hollywood, but it isn’t real. So expect to have a nice little report of ‘I saw ‘Joe the Burglar’ run down the road with your precious widget, and I observed. Not the greatest comfort when your widget is gone!

Our alternative? Detect intrusion, deter it with a live audio response and if that fails, get the likes of the Police K9 unit to attend and get it sorted. Detect, Verify, Respond – the end.

4. Probability of your security guard patrol being there when the bad guys strike is next to zero

EditPhoto#4 -Rules

Whether your guard is on your site full-time, or just completing patrols randomly, the probability the guard will be there when the action is going down, is significantly lower than winning Lotto three times in a row ie next to zero

Conversely, seedigital sees events as they unfold, has a 95% success rate in deterring further intrusion with live customized audio response, or can respond by engaging law enforcement. We are there by design, not by sheer dumb luck. 

5. Security guards can get captured

This is more often an issue with full-time guards. Humans form relationships and humans can become compromised by those relationships. It is not unheard of, that your guard can become part of an internal issue, versus your Praetorian (read Roman Imperial Bodyguard). What happens when the fox has the keys to the henhouse?

This is a more common occurrence than guard companies care to admit.

Tell you what. Let’s add some value here, and add a bonus 6th reason to fire your Security Guard.

6. Security guards are like a single-use plastic bag:

I know, I know, this isn’t strictly true. They can do more than one thing. They can do paperwork, they can greet visitors. But this is still only 1x human doing human stuff.

seedigital’s remote video monitoring solution is not just a single-use system. Because our solution is technology-based, it can be extended into an infinite number of use cases eg. Recording production processes, internal non-security-based requirements like hand washing, cafeterias, walkways & corridors. It can be integrated with visitor management systems, SCADA, point of sale systems, or electronic scales.

During the day, it is a highly useful aid to operational efficiencies, and at night it becomes your Praetorian.

If this has piqued your interest, please feel free to contact us for a confidential chat about how seedigital can help you replace your guard!

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