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AI-driven health & safety insights platform

Our mission is to empower our clients with a deeper level of insight into their operations.

Our first application of seeo ai is in workplace health and safety – we help employers ‘know’ the current state of their workplace safety, so they can address issues and protect what really matters most to their business – their people.

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Knowledge is your best protection

seedigital is one of Australasia's pre-eminent digital security integrators since 2003. They say we are 'different', and we are. We choose to work with organisations that don't just want a sense of security, but security-in-practice. If you have security related issues in your business and don't want to increase your mortgage to mitigate them, then you need to speak to us.

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Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring provides an instantaneous response to real events in your business.

We deploy systems with wrap-around services to detect, verify and respond to events according to your pre-arranged instructions.

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Access Control & Intrusion Detection

When video integrated and connected to our leading-edge remote video monitoring solutions, seedigital is there 24/7 should a door be opened when it shouldn’t or a gate fails to close when it should.


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Digital Video Surveillance Solutions

We install & maintain some of the largest video surveillance systems in New Zealand.

Our range of digital solutions protects businesses like retail, food manufacturers, packaging manufacturers through to large & complex logistics operations.

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Digital Video Surveillance Solutions

When knowing is vital – organisations like yours turn to seedigital

A good surveillance system should serve the needs of its users, not vice versa. That is why seedigital’s digital video surveillance solutions are deployed from Kaitaia to Bluff (we kid you not)!

Thousands upon thousands of seedigital cameras know what's going on every day, and what happened when it goes wrong as we speak

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Access cameras anywhere, anytime

Cloud Integrated Video & Access Control

seedigital deploys the cameras on your sites, tell us how long you wish to store your images and we'll connect you to seedigitalCloud. Immediately access your cameras from your smartphone (iPhone or Android), and playback from your PC.

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Feel assured with seedigital

Construction Site Monitoring

Short-term or long-term, seedigital can protect your construction site assets. Detecting people, and dealing with them in realtime is our specialty. Prevention of loss is vital, so your site can remain functioning despite bad guys wanting to sell your scrap metal or siphon your diesel.

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If you have security related issues in your business and don't won't to increase your mortgage to solve them, then you need to speak to us. If you feel like that no one really listens to the desire of your heart when it comes to security, then maybe it is time to give us a whirl.