What result are you after?

A camera system 'that works' begins by understanding the outcome required. Are you clear on what you wish to achieve?

Digital Video Surveillance Solutions

seedigital has installed & maintains some of the largest video surveillance systems in New Zealand & Australia, in a dazzling array of environments. Our systems protect the bottomlines of organisations ranging from the corner dairy, retail shops, fastfood restaurants, oil tankers, marinas, food manufacturers through to 60,000 sqm warehouses. 

Like a good building, a good camera system begins with a good design. We have a detailed process we take you through to arrive at a solution that will meet your stated requirements.  

Technology plays a part, but a system that works is so much more than the technical gobbledegook that forms it. It's all about the result not how you get there

Integration with Cameras

Ever tried to track down when a person did a certain act e.g moved those pallets or went through the door? You will know the abject frustration & waste of time involved.

Enter seedigital integration! We can integrate any device that spits out data e.g GPS, POS systems, or a set of scales with cameras, making the search process a breeze. You can search by ANY data that your system outputs. Common examples are searching for all transactions that have Bacardi in them, or weights over 10KG, or every transaction entered by ‘Dave’

If events are of a non-transactional nature (e.g. when a roller door is opened) then we can index the video at the moment the door is lifted. You can then search the video database using those times, instead of spending hour upon hour searching for door opening events.

We also record screens of employees in fraud prone areas. For example seedigital records software operation, whereby every mouse movement or keystroke is recorded for future reference.