Building a business is a creative act...

Since 2003, we have never stopped inventing, ducking & diving and doing our level best to build enduring relationships with Customers


One evening in the year 2000, Bede sat his pregnant wife, Melanie, down on their brick coloured couch and announced he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Three years later after many hours of business plans, a couple of less than useful ideas, false starts and many more conversations on the same brick coloured couch, seedigital was born. 

Starting out as a direct importer of security camera equipment, seedigital grew year after year. Bede, pondered though, that there must be more seedigital could do for customers than ‘recording pretty pictures of people ripping them off’ . He found his first Customer and seedigital remote video monitoring was born.

By 2006, 500% compounding growth and the rigours required by a 24/7 monitoring business, and an additional 2 children, had driven Bede to drink (well almost). To escape the asylum, Bede climbed a hill for a night of camping with two of his children, accompanied by friend Andrew Tremewan and his two children. What was a pleasant evening, quickly turned into a lesson in how to survive a hurricane while perched atop a hill in the wrong type of tent!

Having survived a night of collapsing tents, and gaining morsels of sleep with 6 people in a 2 person tent, Melanie suggested that Andrew could be just the man to assist with seedigital.

In March 2007, Andrew Tremewan joined team seedigital and has barely stopped for breath since! The remote video monitoring component of the business has subsequently overrun the ‘recording pretty pictures of people ripping you off’ part of seedigital. So much so, that seedigital protects in excess of $3.5 billion of assets every night. Sites span the whole of New Zealand and the Eastern Seaboard of Australia.

seedigital is now the leading remote video monitoring provider in Australasia. We replace guards, monitor industrial processes, catch bad guys, aid in health & safety management, stop tailgaters, let people in through gates and otherwise record tens of thousands of terrabytes of video of ‘pretty pictures of people ripping you off’

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