Detect - Verify - Respond

Easy as 1-2-3 for a simple monthly fee


Live, Customised Audio Response

Deters intruders 95% of the time

Integrated Remote Video Monitoring

seedigital Interactive Remote Video Monitoring (IRVM) provides instantaneous, real responses to real events in your business. seedigital detects events (e.g. an intruder jumping your fence), we verify whether the person should be onsite and we respond according to your pre-arranged instructions. 

How does it work?

seedigital’s solution can be broken into four parts:

Vital Signs Monitoring:

Think of it like taking the pulse of the system 24/7/365.  The seedigital system installed at your place communicates with our Vital Signs Monitoring server. This offers a host of insights into how the system is going so it is functioning as it should.

Event Detection

The seedigital equipment at your site detects an 'event'. That event can range from a Truck wanting to enter a gate, through to an intruder jumping the fence. Within seconds live alarm & video images of your site are displayed automatically at seedigital’s monitoring centre.


Based on what is seen, seedigital’s operators verify the nature of the event. Key questions are asked: whether the person/vehicle should be onsite and if the situation is normal? False alarms are ignored.


Each site has a pre-agreed protocol which stipulates clearly what actions to take when different events occur. seedigital can respond in any way you require. By far the most popular is a customised audio response. How would you like us to respond?