We do not claim to be perfect. But you can be guaranteed of our very best efforts

Our Team

Together, we give our very best to protect the interests of our Customers. Great outcomes come from great teams. If we can be so bold, we reckon we epitomise what teamwork is all about - straight talk, accountability and trusting in every member to do the bit they are best at.

We hope you will agree! Meet our Team. 

Bede Cammock-Elliott

Bede founded seedigital with his Wife Melanie in 2003. He has had an eclectic career starting out selling photocopiers, through sales management, management consulting in the UK through to human resources at Telecom New Zealand.

In 1998 he realised the potential of the internet & digital technologies as an enabler & destroyer of existing ways of doing things. seedigital's offerings come from this realisation. 

Bede's role at seedigital is primarily new customer focused, with a lot of herding cats inbetween.

Bede is Husband to Melanie, Father to 3 stunning children & 1 'furry human', Miss Lottie (Black Miniature Schnauzer).  He is a lover of architecture, art, design, mountain biking, reading books through to sunny tropical holidays!  

Andrew Tremewan

Andrew joined the seedigital team in 2007.  In his previous life, after completing a B.Com at Canterbury University, he held various management positions in the aquatic and movie industries, culminating as General Manager for Reading Cinemas. 

Although a keen learner, his skill set doesn’t extend to being on the tools (read between the lines).  He can be found most days directing the traffic and making sure we deliver on our promises.

Apart from the business, Andrew’s passion is his family and travel.  

Melanie Cammock-Elliott

Melanie is our Accounts person and all of the herding cats that this entails! 

Melanie started her career as a dedicated, over worked primary school teacher. After a stint in London working in the nuclear power industry (for real!), she returned to New Zealand and worked as a computer trainer.

This lead to another career as an instructional designer working across both public & private sector clients. Melanie has the knack of breaking down highly complex technical information into bite sized, easy to understand chunks!

She loves architecture, good authentic conversation, boot camp, mountain biking and sharing holidays with Bede & the Kids!

Simon Kyle

Simon is our Technical Manager. Simon has spent his entire career in the security, electrical and electronics industries. 

He has installed car audio, sound systems and all types of security ranging from alarms, access control and camera systems both in New Zealand and Australia. 

Simon is a technical problem solver, thinks laterally, and stays the course to get the right outcome for all stakeholders. He is a man of integrity, never-say-die attitude who always comes up trumps regardless of the challenge, be it technical or interpersonal.

Rohan McGlinchy

Rohan is the guy most customers get to know over the phone. For his first 3 years he was seedigital's only proper employee, and therefore won the coveted title of 'Employee of the Month' for 36 months running! Quite some achievement.

He has worked for seedigital since 2008 in an operational / IT role. During this time the company has continued to grow and Rohan is never far from the phone and willing to assist customers with all security , CCTV, Access Control and Alarm matters. Prior to working for seedigital Rohan was involved in the manufacturing industry doing sales and marketing work.


Richard is the 'young geezer' in the office. He started with seedigital in 2013 and has fast made himself indispensible on the technology front. He is our go to guy when we need a problem solved.

Richard is close to completing a degree in IT, and is adept at webdesign, basic coding through to server building & technical problem solving. He is a process and automation nut which helps manage the chaos that can be seedigital at times!

James Dalglish

James is our Business Development Manager. He started with seedigital in 2017, having completed 'sales bootcamp' during the 2015-2016 University holidays. 

James has a Masters Degree majoring in Business Management & Global Marketing from Lincoln University. 

When he is not espousing the benefits of partnering with seedigital, James enjoys mountain biking, hunting, climbing, tramping, diving & spear fishing! Exhausted much?