Our customers are a touch shy!

We would love you tell all about our cleverness BUT they might not appreciate us telling the world about how we protect their family jewels!

So we will keep it broad with not too much detail...

Case Studies & Examples

Please contact us for fuller explanations & stories about our deployed solutions. Rest assured you will be in safe hands. 

Due to the sensitivity around security arrangements, most customers do not want us to disclose our tailored solutions publically. That said, we need to brag, surely? So here goes - a little list of recent and not-so-recent projects:

Meat production, storage & distribution:

seedigital replaced a fulltime security guard for this customer. This involved the deployment of a full perimeter detection system, over 100 cameras, audio response, electronic access control, intercoms, gates and over 7KM of cable. Reduced their costs by about 40% too! Exhausted much? 

Dairy Industry:

seedigital recently deployed an integrated video surveillance system over a 60,000sqm warehouse & coolroom for a player in the Dairy Industry. Over 100 cameras were deployed with resolutions from 1.3MP through to 5MP. 360 degree cameras were used to cover vast distances in the warehouses with a single camera. Final comment from the Customer... "there's lots of love for you here". Blush! The system was also peer reviewed by a leading expert from the USA. "More blushing when he said "this is the best security system I have ever seen!" Blush, blush, blush!

Food Industry

seedigital recently deployed gates, barrier arms, intrusion detection and our remote video monitoring solution for one of New Zealand's beloved food brands. The perimeter is armed at night and any intrusion or movement through the perimeter is monitored & reacted to in real time. 

Liquor Industry

seedigital has been the provider of stunning CCTV solutions to this nationwide chain of liquor stores since 2003. We took them digital, integrated with POS, and now are deploying 360 degree cameras & clever super dooper high definition cameras. The fact that 11 years later we are still together says a lot about our relationship. No 7 year itch stuff here!

Scrap Metal:

seedigital is the security provider for the world's largest scrap metal & electronics recycler. Our remote video monitoring solutions are deployed throughout New Zealand and Australia. These are the toughest of environments, but still seedigital's gear trucks on doing the business, catching bad guys who want to earn a bit of ill gotten cashola. We say... "STOP, GO AWAY bad guys" and they do!